Our Vision

We need a culture of diversity. A society that values and appreciates the otherness of its members and that views diversity as a resource. And an economic ethics that acts on other maxims than incessant growth.

To pause – we do experience this often in reaction to our work partnership – can cause fear. Fear to lose the advantage in an already difficult market environment. Questions of strategy don’t have much space here, according to the old chorus: Never change a winning strategy. But are our methods and our concept of constant growth really still applicable? Metaphorically speaking: Our saw is blunt, but we refuse to sharpen it. No time! The competitors might shoot ahead! So we keep sawing stubbornly with the blunt thing, and nevertheless lose and lose ground!

We consider this prospect to be without prospects. It also is incredibly timid. Our vision is a personal, entrepreneurial and societal appreciation for the resource of diversity. Our mission is to drive forth this new culture of togetherness and collaboration.