About us


Nils Jent PhD graduated in economy (HSG). Through his biography he is familiar with both worlds, the handicapped and the non-handicapped. Since his ‚changeover’, a severe motorbike accident when he was 18, he is physically disabled, speech-impaired and blind. The documentary Unter Wasser Atmen. Das Zweite Lebens des Nils Jent narrates his life. The diversity approach of Nils Jent PhD is a systematic turning away from a mindset of deficiency. He understands diversity as a ressource that is not only socially but also economically valuable.

Regula Dietsche PhD graduated in Organization Studies and Cultural Theory is also a trained occupational therapist as well as psychologist lic. Psych. (UZH). Her collaboration with people with a disability during her first occupation as well as her growing up with a severely disabled cousin form a completive perspective to that of Nils Jent PhD. Regula Dietsche PhD. established the first department of diversity management for a large Swiss bank and managed that department for several years. She holds a master in corporate innovation management and currently in addition to her teaching takes part in a PhD programm at the University St Gallen. Her special concern is to widen the concept of diversity to society as a whole.