The Film

UNTER WASSER ATMEN – Das zweite Leben des Dr. Nils Jent

It is everyone’s nightmare. You wake up, blind and completely paralysed. This is what happened to Nils Jent. After a severe motorcycle accident he falls into coma. It has to be considered a medical miracle that he survived. When he wakes up he is paralysed, completely blind and unable to speak. Only by moving his eyelids he is able to communicate. Slowly Nils gets back important bodily functions and step by step fights back into the normality of life. Instead of accomodating to a life in an asylum for the blind, Nils wants to do his A levels, study, work with his mind – the only instrument that is left to him. Again and again he faces his own limits as well as exterior oppositions. But due to his boundless willpower and compelling intelligence, but also thanks to the unconditional support of his parents, Nils’ goals slowly come to reality.

«Unter Wasser atmen» traces the story of Nils Jent, explores the two different lives of the young, healthy and the adult, severely disabled Nils and aks the question: Who is that man that has been dead already – but later on even met Bill Clinton.