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Dr. Nils Jent - Ein Leben am Limit - Buch

The biography «Dr. Nils Jent – Ein Leben am Limit», written by TV journalist Röbi Koller, was on position 7 of the bestseller list. Nils Jent (49) survived a motorcycle accident when he was 18. When he woke up from coma, he was completely paralysed, blind and had lost his ability to speak. Despite his disability Nils Jent not only learned to live largely independent but also studied business economics at University St. Gallen. In his thesis he demonstrates how the collaboration of disabled and non disabled people not only has social but also economical advances. Today he is part of the team of the Center for Disability and Integration (CDI) of the University St. Gallen. Nils sees his biggest achievement in never having given up. An uncomparable story of success.

»Where would I be today, if had stopped back then – engaging in senseless pondering and the question: ‚ Why?’ A question that can never be answered.«

Nils Jent