Our Work

Applied Diversity is a method as well as a form of working. As a form of working it may take the shape of our work partnership. As a method it is a circular movement in which the foundational research of diversity informs our work, while the insights of our collaboration in turn expedite reasearch.

Our work partnership is precisely described by three notions: absolute presence, deceleration and transformation. So what does that mean?

Firstly, that all fruitful dealing with one’s very own otherness is possible only through acknowledging and accepting the status quo. Lived diversity is the radical acceptance of the Now. It is only through mindfulness towards one’s very own competences as well as limits that the essential question can be answered: How do I deal wisely with my own recources?

Secondly it means that the coming together of two people with individual paces results in a different tempo. Deceleration implies: Things happen according to new measures. Our work for examples follows the paradigm of effectiveness instead of the paradigm of efficiency: „As good as possible, as quickly as necessary“. We see things from a different perspective – and thus see the limits within the system. This is why Applied Diversity is a laboratory for innovative strategies.

And, thirdly: We do strike that new path. Transformation is the expansion of what we think possible – personally as well as societal.

Applied Diversity is a decisive turning away from the mindset of deficiency. Not: despite. But: because. Diversity is a resource. And it is wise to use it.